Eric Collisson and Barry Taylor

Towards personalized cancer treatments: Eric Collisson and Barry Taylor

University of California - San Francisco

(Hosted by Bryan Seybold, Osama Ahmed, and Karuna Meda)

This month on Carry the One Radio we talk with two scientists who are developing new strategies to treat cancer. Dr. Eric Collisson, a medical oncologist, and Dr. Barry Taylor, a computation biologist, have teamed up to identify and understand the complex signaling world that leads to cancer. Because of the complexity of these signaling pathways, two patients diagnosed with the same disease might need very different treatments. But by understanding the common pathways, Eric and Barry hope to eventually develop personalized therapies for cancer patients. Towards the end of our talk, they discuss the number one motivator for having a career in science.

More on the Collisson Lab's research

More on the Taylor Lab's research

Keywords: Biostatistics, Cancer, Cell Signaling, Human Genetics, Personalized Medicine

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