May 06, 2017

Where Ebola Hides

In this episode, we chat with Dr. Joe DeRisi, UCSF’s resident Sherlock Holmes of infectious diseases. You’ll hear about a surprising discovery that could have enormous implications for controlling - or even preventing - future Ebola outbreaks. One of the big mysteries surrounding Ebola has been where it hides between outbreaks. Here, Dr. DeRisi uncovers an unexpected culprit that could be harboring this deadly virus.

Produced by Sam Ancona Esselmann and Sam Hindle

Special acknowledgements:
First author on the BioRxiv manuscript Greg Fedewa

N.B. We acquired permission from the registered veterinary technician specialist on the phone call in the episode to use the conversation's audio.

Photo by James Tinius from here
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Click here to find out more about Dr. DeRisi's deadly menagerie

Here is an example of the effects of Avian Keratin disorder, as described in this episode. More information about this disorder can be found here

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