August 08, 2016

How to Build a Human: Part 2

In Part 2 of “How to Build a Human”, we continue our investigation of our unique features that set us apart from other animals. We spoke to Dr. Nathan Young from the University of California San Francisco, who studies the development of the human skeleton and looks at how the variations in our skeletal structure have contributed to our evolution and the development of human civilization.

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for our newest installment of Headlines, the Carry the One Radio newscast. Each month (give or take), Headlines hosts Nick Weiler and Arezu Sarvestani bring you the latest research news from around UCSF. In this month's episode, guest host Liz Droge-Young fills in while Arezu attends a hacker conference in Las Vegas. Nick and Liz check out stories about why aspirin may help prevent certain forms of cancer, how cutting down on sugar yields remarkable benefits for kids' heart health, and whether pale skin might be the result of evolutionary laziness. Happy Listening!

  • Loll—Podington Bear
  • Danse Macabre, Opus 40—University of Chicago Orchestra
  • Monkeys Spinning Monkeys—Kevin MacLeod
  • Pink Gradient—Podington Bear
  • Camp—Podington Bear
  • Gathering—Podington Bear
  • Firefly—Podington Bear
  • Sidecar—Podington Bear
  • Patched In—Blue Dot Sessions
Sound Effects:
  • “Splash Rock in Lake Sound”—www.; Public Domain
  • “Bite into and Chew Apple”—
  • “Alien Siren”—www.; Public Domain


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