May 01, 2013

Our protective microbiome: Susan Lynch

Believe it or not, we are made up of more microbes than human cells. In fact, for every human cell that makes up our body, there are nine times more bacteria, viruses, or fungi living on our skin, gut, or lungs. However, most of these microbes are not the kind that will make us sick. Most are harmless and, in some cases, even protective against diseases like Crohn’s disease and chronic sinusitis.
The function of many of these microbes is beginning to be understood by scientists like Dr. Susan Lynch, an associate professor of medicine at the University of California - San Francisco and our guest this month on Carry the One Radio. Listen as Dr. Lynch describes her work on the microbiome, how it develops, and its role in health and disease.

This episode is also part of our ongoing collaboration with our friends over at Youreka Science. They make science make sense, and they have covered one of Dr. Lynch's recent publications on the microbiome.

More on the Lynch Lab's research

An animated guide to some of Susan Lynch's work at Youreka Science

Hosted by Sama Ahmed


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