January 20, 2010

Ignoring distractions helps you remember better: Adam Gazzaley

Adam Gazzaley
Dr. Adam Gazzaley is interested in the interface between attention and memory. In this installment, he tells us about the tools he’s using to study how distractions affect our ability to remember. He’s recently discovered that older adults have a hard time ignoring irrelevant information, and that this may have a huge negative effect on their memory. Find out how he’s building a video game to help people ignore distractions, and hopefully remember better.

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Hosted by Osama Ahmed    

January 06, 2010

The Link Between Muscle Degeneration and Mechanosensitive Ion Channels: Jeff Lansman

Jeff Lansman

Dr. Jeff Lansman explains what mechanosensitive ion channels are and their role in helping a cell sense forces such as touch. He’s using a genetic approach to understand how a mutation that causes cytoskeletal protein loss can lead to muscle death. Near the end, he shares with us how his interest in marine biology inspired him to study ion channels.

More on the Lansman Lab's research.

Hosted by Sama Ahmed.